Aaah I love summer

It doesn’t get any better than this, summer, what can I say I love the warmth and sunshine that comes with summer and yes even the 99-degree temps we had a week or so ago.  The warm beautiful sun has brought us a few tomatoes, some cucumbers, yellow squash, and almost a green pepper from our garden.  Last night was a cucumber and tomato salad with fresh basil, all from our garden and the night before was sauteed summer squash the night before, so unbelievably wonderful.

So what have I learned over the last month, wow quite a lot, I researched what can be recycled at our local facility and the list is double what I thought I could bring, pays to check your local website to see what your local recycling center will take.  If you are in Spotsylvania / Fredericksburg, etc. click here to see what you can bring to your local facility.

I have also always considered my business somewhat of a green business, we recycle used books, you know resell them and keep them from the landfills =).  It is a great business except I have not been doing all I can to recycle and reuse within my office, so my task is to completely green our business right along with our home and life.

Plus another step will I am taking is to reconnect my children to this amazing earth we have.  Of course growing a garden is a great start, digging in the soil and seeing what comes up from those tiny seeds is amazing and very cool.

So that is my bit for today and promise to be back much sooner this time.  Just know that when I am away it is because I am giving love and attention to my family, our garden, to making wholesome food and playing in the great outdoors, I encourage you to do the same you won’t believe how your spirit will grow and blossom, it is awesome.


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