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Sangria is one of our favorites on a hot summer day!

So occasionally I come up with a really great idea, not often…but once in a blue moon I hit it out of the park and Sunday I did just that. Well according to me I did, lol. Anyway, one of my sons needed a ride to his friends’ house, they live about 45 minutes away. I pretty much have two options, either I can run him there and come home and run back out and pick him up or I can go shopping near there. I mean let’s face it I can pretty much have fun shopping anywhere, anytime, especially in a little town with cute shops. By Friday I hadn’t made my mind up what I was going to do, then it hit me, I mean I am not sure if it was a particularly good cup of coffee….or possibly the fact that I was about to have 4 days off in a row but it came to me, a great idea. First I went to Groupon to see if there were any Groupons to help me save money enacting my great idea, as I scrolled through I saw it – The Virginia Wine pass. It was a deal because you get the card but not the app, I learned this after purchasing it. Insert sad face here because I was sure it would not arrive by Sunday since it was now Friday. I messaged them just to see if there were any options and WOW they were awesome, the person who helped me said that she would send me a free month for the app so I could use it over the weekend and until my card arrived. I am a fan for sure. Get this though, that card arrived the next day, talk about service. So our adventure began on Sunday by dropping off our son and heading off to our first Vineyard. Horton Cellars

Let me just say yum and a purchase of 3 bottles and glass later we were on our way to our next stop. Honah Lee Vinyard

What a cute darling little place and again yum. Here we also bought some mead, very yummy. Great hosts and always fun to meet other people there for a tasting. And yes once we were done there we were off to one more winery. Chateau Merrill Anne Winery and Vineyard

Here we enjoyed great conversation with one of the owners. I always love learning the background about a place and usually the wine shows their passion. This did not disappoint.So this was supposed to be our 3rd and final stop but on the way here we passed a sign for another winery and then while here we were talking about it and the woman who was helping us said they were open until 6 and soooooo we figured why not one more and so we were off to our 4th and truly final stop of the day. Hammerstone Cellars Farm Winery

I forgot to take a picture of the building but another cute place. We left here with a few bottles as well. Nice place and the owners served up good wine and nice conversation. This was a wonderful day spent with my honey. He is the best and he came up with a great idea for our anniversary this fall. We are going on a wine trail adventure.

So I am off to plan our adventure.

Stay tuned. (Our trips will evenually be shared)

Wishing you peace & happiness,


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