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I moved this info from my old blog – great info on finding no VOC paint.

I discovered a little article on this very subject, just in the nick of time. I was planning on painting my daughter’s room as a birthday present we are redoing her room. My first plan of action is to paint and usually, I just head to the local hardware store and pick up the perfect color in whatever paint is least expensive, but like magic, there was this article on no VOC paint and I was reminded that I am trying to change all areas of my life to green and clean and yes that does include paint too. The article highlighted 5 brands ranging from $36.-$50. The only name I recognized was Benjamin Moore which was the highest at $50 per gallon, but I figured whatever the cost I wanted no-VOC paint, safe, green and no yucky stuff in my little girl’s room.

Today we head over to Benjamin Moore to buy the perfect colors and guess what? They were CLOSED! Seriously closed, where do I live Mayberry? Sheesh! Okay so bummed but not alarmed I say to my daughter, “let’s go to Lowes and check out the colors at least.” She of course is thrilled with that. So we get to Lowes and hit the paint section and guess what we found? If your first guess was “nothing”, you are wrong =). We found a no-VOC paint from Olympic, I was thrilled, at only $22.47 per gallon it is a steal. We had a full range of colors to choose from and found the two perfect colors we were looking for, to be exact they have over 1200 colors or they can custom match any color too.

The brochure states “Most traditional paints contain VOCs that are emitted into the atmosphere during the painting process, which can lead to indoor air pollution and the formation of smog. Olympic Premium Interior Paint in any color is totally Zero VOC, so you an breathe easy and contribute to the health of your home and the environment.”

Plus they have it in quart size too so I didn’t have to buy a whole gallon for the little bit of trim color we needed.

You can paint your home with safe clean and green paint for a low cost. Green, organic, chemical-free does not have to mean expensive, be willing to look and do some research.

I will update you on how it coats and post a picture of the room when we complete the painting part.

Update, we finished painting her room several months back and it looks great, took 2 cans to complete her room and looks beautiful and best part no disgusting paint smell afterwards.  I give Olympic Premium Interior paint an A+.

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