So in the last week I removed myself from a few lists that were for couponing.  Don’t get me wrong I love coupons and saving money.  However I found that I was buying stuff we didn’t normally eat and it was not very good for us either.  I baked less and ate more packaged foods, where is the fun in that.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon or fresh baked banana muffins in the morning.

I have found since I quite clipping EVERY coupon I spend less.  I clip coupons for only those items which we regularly purchase, since I prefer organic groceries, coupons are few and far between so when I shop I will now buy mostly whole food items and buy extra when there is a great deal available.  For example Target had attached coupons for $2 off on about 20 packages of Laura’s Lean Beef, so I bought 16 packages and froze them, now I have beef for a month or more depending on how I use it.  I buy my flour and chicken breast in bulk from Quail Cove Farms.  My biggest savings will be when our garden is planted and starts producing.  Last year we only had to purchase a handful of veggies from our local farmers market and the rest came from our garden.  Of course we still save by choosing the farmers market over the conventional grocery store.  All around this is better for everyone, local farmers, the environment and ourselves.  It is definitely a win win.

So basically my family eats better without coupons.  It might even be better if I just stay out of the grocery store as I can’t seem to help myself when I see sweets. =D  I especially have a hard time at Target when holiday candy goes on sale.

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