Food should be enjoyed

Over time I have created some recipes that are my go-to recipes for some of our favorite dishes.  I have decided to jot them down here in addition to the little notebook I keep on my kitchen shelf. I hope they might serve others well.



Growing up I learned so many wonderful recipes from my mom and my stepmom.


When I met Dave his family also had so many wonderful recipes.  I keep a very messy book full of these recipes and my goal is to get some of those favorites on here along with a few creations of my own. 


One of my favorites is our pizza we make here in the Green Jeans house, topped off with fresh herbs from the garden.  So stayed tuned I will be sharing that one soon.



Beef jerky


4T Bragg Liquid Aminos

4T Worcestershire sauce

1T ketchup

1t Homemade hot sauce

1/2t pepper

1/2t onion salt

1/2t garlic powder

1t salt

About 3 pounds beef


I am marinating this overnight and will put in the dehydrater overnight.

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