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Winery Wednesday - Gabriele Rausse Winery

The details:




  • Sunday from 10:00 to 4:00

  • Thursday from 11:00 to 5:00

  • Friday from 11:00 to 5:00

Tastings offered:

Tasting - $12

Half Tasting - $6

Food & Wine - $18

So this wasn't the first stop on our overnighter but it was definitely one of the spots that vibed with my soul and offered a fantastic experience. It is unexpected and unassuming and delivered well beyond any expectations I could have had. I honestly don't have expectations other than a relaxing day when it comes to wineries, so places like this, well they just bring out the best in me.

Here is a picture from their website (I forgot to grab one) of the entrance off of Carter's Mountain Rd. We drove right past this because as I said very unexpected, but oh so quaint.

Photo courtesy of the Gabriela Rausse website, not taken by me.

Once you turn in here, you come up the drive a bit and notice there is either turn left to what looks like a parking lot or go straight, but then you see this building and think, hmmm maybe?

We weren't quite sure if they were open or if we were even in the right place, no sign to be had anywhere, you know the usual "tasting room this way" sign or a "Gabriele Rausse Winery" sign, so it was a crapshoot for sure. But with a building like that the worst-case scenario is you get to see a cool building up close.

Well, they were open and we were in the right spot and we were greeted by a dog. Life is definitely good.

When you open the door you see this beautiful space and smell the most incredible smell of some amazing food being cooked and homemade sourdough bread coming out of the oven. Think home and love and warmth and the bonus is the wine.

This place is on my "visit again" list. I plan to do the food pairing next time.

Very generous with the sourdough bread, just yum!

Highly recommend a visit to this lovely little spot.

Peace & Happiness

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