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What is Winery Wednesday?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

My favorite time of the year is when the weather is warm and in Virginia we have that possibility pretty much from April to October (it varies, but truly I love the seasons but mostly Spring, Summer, and Fall). Winter is great because there are the holidays and hanging out with family, sweaters and warm fires and of course a lovely port to warm you from head to toe.

However, after a long hibernation period this Winter into early Spring I am ready to get back out and about. Then I realized how much time we spend visiting the wineries in Virginia and decided to share as many as possible and hopefully help folks discover a new favorite.

We haven't always visited wineries, but I tell you know if I had known there were child friendly wineries where the kids could run and play while we sipped a nice glass of wine, I would have spent time there a lot sooner.

Our winery adventure started with the occassional visit with friends. However one day I found the Virginia Wine Pass, so I ordered one and thought we would stop into one when we dropped our son off at a friends house out in Orange, VA. Unfortunately, I noticed it would be a mailed card and not the one they had for their app, I was bummed it would come after our planned visit. But the folks at Virginia Wine Pass ROCK!!! I reached out on their Facebook page and before you know it I had a 30 day pass on my app.

Check them out - Virginia Wine Pass - What I love is you can see a current list of all the participating wineries and what they offer. I was late buying mine this year but they had a Mother's Day coupon so I finally grabbed it at half price.

I checked around and right now you can get one on Groupon for only $35.00 (hint shop Groupon through Giving Assistant and get 3.5% back too (check out my post on Friday for more on this) - https://www.groupon.com/deals/virginia-wine-pass-10 .

*note: I am not yet an affiliate with Giving Assistant or Groupon, just find these valuable ways to save. If I am lucky enough to become an affiliate I will update this.

So with the plan to stop in at just one, we dropped our son off and ended up visiting 4. That day grew the idea of an anniversary trip and then we gave a mini trip to my parents for Christmas which was fantastic. Our love of wineries is apparent to all.

So I have decided that each week I will highlight a Virginia winery and all the perks and any cons to prepare for a great visit. We'll share what we love about each one but will be honest if there was anything that could use improvement too.

So stop in tomorrow to see our very first winery on the list.

Peace and Happiness to all!

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