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Spring is in the air

So as I pondered what to write this week, I couldn't gather my thoughts, so much happening.....in my head.

With Spring in the air, the garden and yard are at the top of the list. So my husband said he needed a pole saw. My son gave me the name of the preferred one, so I shopped around and of course Amazon had it for a decent price, but per my usual I had to shop around more.

So I pulled up my Giving Assistant account (similar to Ebates but you can choose to select a portion to a charity, which I love). So I put in Walmart.com and there was the same Pole Saw but about 11.00 less than Amazon. So since I love Target I said to myself, he check Target. Target had it but it was the same price as Amazon. So on a whim I decided to chat and ask if they price matched online items with Walmart and the awesome dude/dudette says, "Yes we do" aaaahhhh! Yay, happy camper Target girl (that's me) takes the steps they indicates, I order it and then they literally credit me the $11 and change back to my card. Yeah, just like that. I shared the links of both items, they verified and credited. I mean come on, took me 8 minutes or so.

If I wasn't already one of Targets biggest fans I so would be now.

So the lesson I learned today is it never hurts to ask. As usual Target exceeded my expectations.

In other news I did my first craft show with my Chalk Couture creations and supplies too. Had a blast, sold a few things (it was kind of small but hell who cares, it was fun) and made some connections.

Raffled off a cute stencil.

I am fairly self-concious and don't generally like my photo taken as I am just not photogenic, but I am learning to get over that crap. Lol.

So I had a blast and next I am heading off to list my creations in my Etsy shop and work on building my Chalk Couture business, it literally breaths life into me and brings me so much joy. I really can't wait to share this with folks and have some amazing painting classes and sip and paints. I mean let's face it I do enjoy a lovely glass of wine and I over the top love creating stuff and I do love socializing so what a big happy pile of fun I plan to have.

If you are in and around Fredericksburg shoot me an email or Facebook chat for information on the sip and paints.

Much peace, love and joy.


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