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Body Makeover

So I have tried many times to do this and the last bought was my most successful, but alas not for lack of trying this time, but I ended up not getting to my goal. Yeah I have a weight goal but that is not my ultimate goal, I just want to feel great. You know healthy, fit and happy. I have finally gotten to a place where I don't feel the awful effects from Mono, so I have decided to reincorporate a workout back in, but I decided to add in weightlifting again but with a little more intensity. So I just got started, my doctor told me I should lift weight small enough that I would laugh at myself, lol. So I started there and we will see.

I also found this book on Thriftbooks called Paleo Thyroid Solution by Elle Russ. I am not gonna lie I got it because I was buying books for my husband and needed to meet a minimum for a coupon code so I looked around and found this one and threw it in. Well, I am learning a whole lot more about ways to help my body along with my new found love for lifting weights. Wish me luck, I might need it, right now my thighs and glutes ache and when I try to sit it is entertaining, to say the least, lol. Thankfully my daughter is a regular at the gym and will keep me going, plus she shows me how to use some of the equipment that I have no idea how to use. She rocks!

I will work up some courage and post a before picture soon. I may put it in the middle of a bunch of photos of the garden though.

For now, I will end this tidbit with some photos of the yard in progress this year. I am so in love with the outdoors and all the beauty that happens in the yard during the warmer months each year.

These are from about a week or so ago, our yard changes so much each week I love it.

I also finally learned how to keep the plants on the deck alive, a little deadheading and oh yeah they kind of need to be watered too and they just keep growing.

Peace, love, kindness and happiness,



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