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A box full of goodies....

There is nothing I love more than finding great products for my home and for my family. Winding your way to good health can be quite the long road trip for some of us and I am one who seems to always take the long way around.

Thanks to my daughter I am inspired to gain better health. I don't want to ail and feel gross any longer. However it is great to workout and build better health that way but that is only a portion of what it takes. Good clean food is top of the list along with some mind cleansing and life enjoyment to round it all out.

I am lucky to receive products to test out, read the labels and see what might fit for me and help me along the way.

I have some great stories and some great products to share along the way.

This bar I think is my new favorite - I love food with minimal ingredients, but something that will help with that sweet tooth of mine.

I am not gonna lie I could have eaten the whole bar and been very happy, but I was nice and shared with my husband and darling daughter.

My pet peeve is bars that are solid like a rock, this was not. No funny after tastes or anything weird. Delicious! I just perused their website and see they have an Almond Coconut, um yeah, I will be getting a box of those and then I will need to hide them, because I don't want to share.

Alright that it about it for now.

Coming next is some pictures of my beautiful yard.

Love, Peace, Kindness and a ton of Happiness,

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