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It's just hair

It is just hair, but sometimes what your hair looks like can make you feel pretty, ugly, old, young, hip, dull and a whole load of adjectives. Mine was making me feel old....VERY OLD. I decided to stop coloring it and so each day I looked in the mirror I would see it going grayer and grayer until one day I was done. I thought I could do it, but for me I have always loved my dark brown hair, I never longed to have it any other color than that, although sometimes the summer sun brought out the red in it and over the years I have colored it, it even turned purple one time....that was fun actually. Turns out for me gray is just not my dark brown hair I love and so it was time to put an end to the ever growing gray. I decided to give Madison-Reed a try because I knew I would procrastinate about getting out to actually purchase the color. With Madison-Reed I was able to do it all online. It arrived in a very timely manner, order a 2nd bottle to make sure I had plenty of color to make sure every last strand of gray was covered.

This is how I started out on February 10, 2018

So I ordered this.

I opened the box and saw this. This made me smile and I think even if I had had the fantastic results I had, I would order just to open a box that says this in it. LOL

More than enough to color my long and very graying hair. I ordered 1 kit plus and extra bottle.

I added a few of my own supplies to make the job easier.

And here is how it looked after I colored my hair. I even noticed I had a nice shine to my hair. I was beyond happy with the results. Excuse the crappy photo next time I will have someone else take it.

So here I am on April 29th and the only reason you see gray is because my hair grew out, the lower portion of my hair remains gray free. I just ordered my second kit and decided to go a little lighter. I can't wait to see how that turns out. FYI, I don't get any perks for sharing my story, I honestly felt that the results we absolutely worth sharing.

Stop by Madison-Reed . com and check out the beautiful colors at a more than fair price, that is coming from me who is rather cheap when it comes to things like coloring my hair, but this product is definitely worth, PLUS I read other reviews where I noticed they are very geared towards customer satisfaction, which is why I took the risk and tried it out. They do stand behind their product and if you aren't completely satisfied make sure you reach out to them for help.


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