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So much to do so little time

Note: there are affiliate links included in this post with no expectations just to share what I am interested in and where it can be purchased.

With yet another child graduating this year, working a full time job, a hockey player who plays almost every weekend and homeschooled teens who want to socialize, I kind of find myself running short on time. Well actually not so much short of time but not making proper use of time. I procrastinate and I find other things to occupy my time when I have down time, which believe it or not is fairly often.

The discovery of not using my time wisely is rather irritating, I mean it was so much more fun stomping around declaring I didn't have enough time to get everything done. In truth there is ample time it just needs to be re-arranged a bit to accomplish all my goals, being able to write is one of them, but I also want to sew and craft, plus dry herbs and mix my essential oils into recipes of goodness and love, all while giving my family the attention they need and deserve. Oh yes and time for a glass of wine or dinner with my dear husband would be nice too. This all fills my pot to the fullest.

Working a job can throw a wrench into all that goodness, but I was sitting here figuring out in a week where it seems I am at work a lot, how could I possibly fit all I want to into a day.

I figured this, there are 168 hours per week, I spend 36 hours for a job outside the home, this includes the time at work and the time driving there, I sleep approximately 56 hours, so that leaves me 76 hours per week, to spend with my family, playing taxi, crafting, groceries, attempting to clean (I am lucky my husband does a great amount of cleaning including dishes and laundry, I so appreciate this), writing and many other things I want to accomplish. I feel like this should be enough time but man does it go by fast.

I have managed so far to actually finish a book mostly out of desperation to learn various ways of nutrition so I can best pick what fits my needs. So I read this book, which I checked out from the library but of course it can be found for purchase too, but when it comes to nutrition books I find I like the library since I have limited room on my shelves and owning them all is not necessary in my opinion:

I have learned over time of reading various nutrition books that it is not a one size fits all and what I love about this book is that he acknowledges that fact. Anyway I finished this book and I am writing in this journal, which I did purchase because I am writing in it and I love that it fits in my purse and I can carry it where ever I go and write in it when I find a moment of inspiration:

I am hoping it will help spark my creativity. At first I was rather dull in what I put in there, simply penciling in the answers, but very quickly I realized I wanted to bring in color and now I feel slightly creative with it.

That is about it for now. I will leave you with some pictures of our beautiful garden that is so awesomely nurtured by my dear husband. More coming tomorrow too. Lots of changes since these ones were taken.

Peace & happiness,


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