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Trying to roll into 2017

After a crazy 2016, which included on the personal front a major health scare with my dh, learning to care for our health has become a priority.

I took a class to learn to make Kimchi. That has become one of his new favorite foods. I was buying it by the jar at various places but at $7-$9 per jar on average and him eating a jar about every 3 days, well you can imagine that gets expensive, however let me clarify that compared to tens of thousands of dollars on hospital bills, this is a tiny price to pay to add this amazing fermented food to our go to list.

I am going back to work on the sauerkraut. That has been a thorn in my side for sure. Mine keeps on turning out too salty.

Here is a picture of the Kimchi. I love that it is so colorful. This was my first go alone, so I am sure it will be different from the one I made in class. I plan to perfect this, the sauerkraut and sourdough bread.

Next up Thoughtful Thursday.

Peace, Love and Joy


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