About Me

I grew up with my very organic mom who fed us pita bread loaded with sprouts and other veggies, she made her own yogurt and pretty much we ate nothing processed, except for the glorious weekends we spent with our dad.  

I rebelled as an adult and ate all the crap possible, it showed in my figure and everywhere else.  Oh goody.  Man did I live for those weekends and the sugar that came with them. 
Anyway, it didn't matter because I was happy.  I mean who wouldn't be, I got to eat Oreo's and peanut M & M's anytime, any place. 

I met my husband at work one day and a few years later we married (we just celebrated 28 years October 2018).  We have four wonderful children, Nolan - 26, Aaron - 25, Daniel 20 and Samantha 18 and I have two angels in heaven - "baby boy C's" little heart stopped beating when I was 20 weeks pregnant and the "wee one" when I was just 10 weeks pregnant. 

So we thought it would be fun to have a bunch of kids and then home-school them and see what happened along the way.  So here we are 19 plus years after our home-schooling adventure began and our three oldest have graduated and my youngest is a senior in High school.  It has been a fun and
ever-changing adventure.  The kids are all fine too, there are no adverse effects from being educated at home...I think. =)

I also have a major love for crafting and sewing I will eventually post some pictures from the last 20+ years of crafting and creating. Of course, lots of my new creations as I have just started a new adventure in chalk painting....well not really just started but more focused on what area of this kind of painting I really want to focus on and Chalk Couture has given me that opportunity.

My husband David and I love to garden and learn about homesteading, eating organically, more naturally and trying to be a little more "green" for lack of a less trendy word at this particular moment.

So I would love to tell you life has been a smooth and uneventful trip up to this point but that would be a HUGE lie.  It's all good though, who wants a trip that is boring and dull.

I am a bit of a fiesty Italian gal who definitely has an option about everything. However, I am often afraid to ruffle feathers and keep it bottled up and then unload to my very understanding family.  I am vowing to be more honest but less opinionated. After all it is just an opinion and not everyone needs to hear it.

I do swear more than I probably should and my kids, who are all now officially adults, have over the years run the gamut from running around loudly screaming and fighting to sitting together playing Xbox like they are best friends.  So I am fairly sure they are normal happy kids who had good days and bad days.

I am happiest when I am with my family, the sun is shining and I am barefoot and depending on the time of day either with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in my hand.

I am sure there is more I could say (I like to talk.....A LOT) but I will leave it here for now.

I hope you will join me as I trip and stumble down the road to
 a bit greener, eating more whole foods, cooking some great healthy recipes, gardening, crafting and oh so much more.


Love and Peace

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